..and then there was cake


(No not this one, this was from the Village Show last year……)

As I mentioned in the last post, I’d been asked by the Mayor to make some cakes for an event he was hosting.  It’s not that I move in particularly Civic Circles, but my ‘day’ job is with the local Town Council and you know, it’s kind of hard to keep a cooking obsession like mine under wraps so they hear about it a lot….

So, I gaily agreed I’d provide 4 cakes and some shortbread, I was full of confidence (when I make promises my motto is the rather gung ho! ‘how hard can it be?’).


I did stick to what I know with a Fruitcake, Victoria Sandwich, Coffee Cake, a Lemon Cake which are my staples.  I suggested shortbread as an alternative to cake and immediately planned ‘improvements’ by deciding to add Choc chips and Orange to half the batch.

Did I mention I’ve not made shortbread before?

Did I mention we’re not in our house at the moment because of the epic extension being built so I don’t have an oven I can rely on?

Did I mention I get a bit harebarained sometimes? after all how hard can it be?

I do however, have a smashing Mum and Dad with a brilliant oven next door to the house we’re staying in.  They also have a high level of tolerance for my schemes.

My family do marvel at my capacity to fail to spot the flaws in any plan.  They also marvel at my inability to learn from experience.

However, improbably, it worked…the cakes were lovely, nice fresh springy sponge cakes – you know the sort where you feel like you’ve eaten a nice bit of cake.. the shortbreads were ridiculously crisp and buttery and the hint of orange from the zest complimented the dark chocolate chips perfectly.

I almost didn’t deliver them…..

I feel proud and relieved, getting my cooking and making ‘out there’ has been a big step for me, and my confidence is slowly growing.  In writing about it I hope that I’ll start to learn lessons, keep myself gainfully occupied and focused and set up some sort of file of foolproof recipes 🙂


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