That new school year feeling.

Periodically I drop in here – well I say periodically, it’s more like era-odically


walk to school june 13


Well in true new school year fashion, I’ve sent SmallLovely back to school, re-covered my metaphorical exercise books and sharpened my new pencils and I’m starting afresh…

I love this time of year, even though I left school well before some of SmallLovely’s current teachers started,  I still get a kick out of the new school year and yearn for a new diary and some files.

I’m back on a making fest following a bit of a dry spell while we were out of ‘cosy country cottage’ (TM) for a pretty extensive renovation.  It will be worth it because I’ll have some more space for making and storing (I haven’t outlined my plans for the extra space to Scienceboy just yet so that’ll be a nice surprise for him 🙂 )

Thankfully I’ve been asked to make a few cakes for an event later this week so I’ll get back onto the wagon with those and a few pics along the way I hope.


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